How to become a WordPress ninja

wp_blogWordPress has transformed the way people create websites. WordPress powers more than 23% of all websites in the world and that just goes to show how powerful it is. From newspapers to Fortune 500 companies, WordPress has redefined the digital publishing world.

MyThemeShop has always been a big fan of WordPress and nothing says that better than making our whole business model revolve around this particular platform. They have learned so much in these past years working on WordPress and the community has been really helpful all this time.

MyThemeShop wanted to give back to the community by making it easier for people to learn what WordPress is, what it does and how you can utilize it to transform your website.

Today, MyThemeShop is announcing a FREE yet extensive series of video tutorials for anyone wanting to learn WordPress. They are calling it WordPress 101 but don’t let the name fool you. This series is not just for newbies, we are releasing videos for people who want to do advanced stuff with WordPress as well.

There is no longer any need to pay for expensive courses to learn WordPress – learn it using our free video series and enhance your WordPress skills. MyThemeShop have spent a lot of time and money creating these videos to ensure you never have to spend money to learn something that was built to remain free.

Check the WordPress video tutorial series here

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