Cop Shoot, Kills Pit Bull

Priceless !

Police released the dashcam video of an officer shooting and killing a dog in the parking lot of United Supermarket, 5001 Marsha Sharp Freeway on September 8. Both the dashcam and a police report identify the officer as Clinton Lewis. Lewis wrote in the report, “An aggressive pit bull was attacking another dog in the parking lot of United Supermarkets. The dog placed myself and others in danger of serious bodily injury. I fired one round into the dog with my LPD-issued pistol.” Police say they were called to United because of a complaint about the dogs fighting.

When the story first became public some criticized the officer for presuming that the dog was dangerous because it was a pit bull. Others at the time defended the officer as saying the safety of people was more important than the well-being of the dog.

Police have made a statement defending the actions of the officer.


  1. Așa polițiști vreau si eu in București !

    Cristian Iosub