Fitbit Charge 3

Author: Andrea G.


One month ago I bought the latest fitness bracelet from Fitbit: Charge 3! The model upgraded since the Charge 2 with quite a few extras that just make life easier. What can one say? It’s definitely the best acquisition in the last few months. It has everything you’d need: activity tracking, heart rate, sleep monitor and many others.

So, as to get into the middle of it I LOVE the sleep tracker. I am very busy person, always moving around, always doing something whether it is a personal project or a professional endeavor I am always on the move. This make my time short and valuable thus I want to optimize my sleep time as well and get the maximum of rest with minimum of time spent. The Fitbit dashboard helps me understand my sleep rhythms and patterns so that I can get into bed exactly when I am supposed to and wake up ~6/7 hours later but fresh and rested. As you can see the below screenshots the charts are showing the weekly/monthly view of your sleep program as well as he detailed view of how much time are you spending in REM/Deep or Light sleep or awake as well

fitbit charge 3

The fitness tracker automatically recognizes 15 different activities, it’s waterproof up to 50 ATM so you can take it to swimming or showering without having to worry about any of it. You can track you laps in the water or on your favorite bike as well, knowing for sure that the worry of this task falls on you watch rather than on you. Another feature I like is he activity reminder where you can set the hours and days you want to get the reminders and the responsibility will be taken from you, so that you can focus on making those 250 steps each hour.

fitbit charge 3

The heart rate monitor is very accurate, measures the same as a blood pressure meter and has female health tracker as well. Finally you won’t have to use 100 apps to track just one thing: your cycle, the fertility windows, everything just from your wrist. The watch could easily named smartwatch for all it’s functions: you have call, text messages, Whatsapp, Facebook, anything you’d like to see. Alarm, weather, breathing exercises, timers anything and everything you need to enjoy your day and be productive.

As about the device itself: it is lightweight, both original and additional bracelets are easy at touch, the feeling isn’t that of a plastic but seems more as a satin touch, the rose gold version is elegant with fine lines. Battery life is between 5 and 7 days depending also on usage and brightness. All in all I think this watch and me are going to have a long relationship.

Fitbit charge 3
Fitbit charge 3
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