Free calls using Facebook Messenger

Facebook’s Messenger app used to be a mere extension of Facebook’s Messaging functionality, but as of today Facebook added a handy new feature for US users: free voice calling. Since I got many apps through my US Apple ID, I got today the update also. I have an Apple ID for Romania and another one for Italy but there are tones of Apps available or updated first for US IDs

Now, when you open up Messenger and tap on a friend, you’ll see a new button entitled “Free Call” With it, you can give them a ring and, if they have the Messenger App as well, you’ll be able to talk to them over Wi-Fi or cellular data without using up any minutes. Of course, you could just use Skype, but this is just one more option for your friends that maybe don’t have Skype accounts already.

Facebook Messenger is a free download for iOS, and if you already have the app, you need to upgrade to get the new feature using AppStore update notification.


  1. Mai au de lucrat la aplicaţie. Până atunci, continuu cu viber şi Skype.

    Cristian Iosub