Mars One

The Mars One Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that will establish a permanent human settlement on Mars in 2023.
A reliable surface habitat will be set up before the first crew lands; more settlers and cargo will follow every two years.

Our plan is realistic because the technology needed already exists and can be purchased from the private space industry.
The first footprint on Mars will fascinate and inspire generations; it is this public interest that will help finance this human mission to Mars. Join our global effort by sharing our vision with your friends, supporting us and perhaps becoming a Mars astronaut yourself.

One-Way ticket to Mars


Looking back to 1969, 9/11 and the conspiracy that is around this humanity events , stay tuned for Mars One.

Earlier in `98 the Truman Show showed us the American power more like a SF movie, but in the advisers committee is also the Big Brother . Why?

In Google searches for “Mars One” you can see the page title written also in Korean (마스원 사이트). Why? The founders are from Netherlands, no one from Korea.

Even Curiosity was denied by conspiracy theory. And for good reasons : the photos sent back are looking as they are made in american deserts, the objects found are officially only shadows and much more. The internet is full with proves about Moon landing, 9/11 attacks (I truly recommend Where Did the Towers Go by Dr Judy Wood).

Does anybody truly believe that they will spend 6 billion US dollars for a scientific expedition instead of spending 1 billion US dollars to create the optimal environment necessary to create successfully TV Show?

My opinion

When the governments and such a big company wants to create a Mars One expedition, It`s very difficult  to have an objective opinion. The human history showed us that there are thousands of mysteries. We don`t even know how Cusco (Peru) was build. Or the pyramids. I better prefer to have trust in banks instead of having trust in governments and interstellar expeditions.

But, for sure, I do know that we have to do something quickly. On Earth are many undiscovered places. Also, we have a lot of poor countries. Not because the government is not creating the opportunities, or that countries are without workforce. Because the Earth can`t support so many people. World population has reached 7 billion and is growing extremely fast. Natural resources are ending, the pollution rate is higher and higher every day. Even a Venus Project designed many years ago is not sufficient to balance our problems.

My opinion is that we have to invest in researching habitable planets. Naturally habitable planets, not artificial as Mars One whats to do. The only thing that Mars One does, is to spend the earth resources in order to create something artificial on Mars. would be great. But the problem is that once you are sending people up there, you have to send periodically food, equipment, stuffs. All from Earth …

Until then, these ones are the applicants for Mars One from Romania … If they can do it, they I can do it !



  1. Falcon Heavy va putea căra 57 tone. Până în 2050 industria de transport greu (heavy lifting) va evolua destul încât să le permită coloniştilor să îşi construiască propria platformă de lansare. Sunt optimist că asta se va întâmpla chiar mai repede (2030-2040), şi nu cred că MarsOne e hoax. Ai văzut stabilitatea şi manevrabilitatea din testul Grasshopper? Închipuie-ţi că vei avea în 10 ani sisteme de transport mai avansate şi mai performante decât cele existente acum în dotarea SpaceX.

    Cristian Iosub