Select all emails on my iPhone default email application

Why can’t I select all mail on my iPhone mail program?

I know I am not the only one frustrated by this lack of functionality. My last smart-phone was easier to deal with email in general.

I am very disappointed that after all this time there have been no updates to address this.

Apple iPhone team should be ashamed of themselves for treating us like sheep.

Don’t try to protect me from myself, give me the functionality of ALL other smart phone mail programs.

Please fix, or I will be forced to consider other options.

I am seriously tired of selecting each mail for deletion.

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Painful but true… Today I received over 350 email (I have forwarded 4 accounts to only one), and most of them were junky. I had to select each email and delete it. Yeah, edit from right corner and then I’ve selected each one. Why the hell they didn’t made after all this years a stupid button : select all?

There are tons of reasons right now to quit my relationship with my iPhone. My wife had a problem with her iPhone 4S (power button stuck). In apple store I had to pay 199€ for changing the iPhone. Yes, it’s cool to change the iPhone with a new one, but what if the repair could be cheaper?

For my iPhone 5 I had to pay 220€ for the same reason. The warranty covers only a SW issue, boy HW.

Now, the iPhone 4S gives me heat warnings, taking into consideration that I am using it only for about 2 hours per day. Both phones are recharged every day , even twice per day….

So, I am tired having all this problems with the iPhones. My iPad 4, for instance, is the best tablet I ever seen. I could never imagine changing it with some other brands. But, never say never.

My next phone, until Christmas, will be an Allview P5 Quad Core or a Samsung Galaxy S3 (depending the budget). I am not saying that the life time will be grater for those phones, but I can buy 2-3 extra batteries (instead of using big cases with emergency batteries), I can go to change my display paying only 100€ at Samsung official store, instead of paying 220€ at Apple Store…and much more.

From my point of view, IPhone was, and still is the best phone ever made with the best OS made. But are small things that makes you life difficult.

If tomorrow Apple will lunch an iPhone with a changeable battery and SD card, I could say : yes, I’m paying 729€ for a good product, for a durable product, not only for one year life time. Until then, I prefer to take an Allview P5 quad core with only 250€ and use it in the same way as I did with my iPhones.

Rest in peace iPhone !


      Cristian Iosub