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Tehnologie pentru securitatea țării

Sunt țări care au înțeles că nu este suficient să găsească și să pedepsească infractorii. În plus este nevoie de intimidare și scurtarea cât posibil a timpului de răspuns.

În această idee am selectat două clipuri

SWAT team make a demonstration of how to gain entry to a residence without injuring hostages or people inside.

It uses the force of one or two flashbangs and focuses it on the door knob/lock. No metal shrapnels flying around!
It’s called the Premium WallBanger™ System, from Defense Technology.
The WallBanger Premium System is available at $4,475.
It’s a Multi-piece utility pole. There’s a few attachments you can put on it:

  • The Single WallBanger attachment (for one Defense Technology™ 8901C1 device)
  • The Double WallBanger attachment (for two Defense Technology™ 8901C1 device)
  • OC Blaster attachment (for rake and break plus OC deployment)
  • DoorKey Head (a flash-bang breaching device)

Al doilea clip este despre un produs comercial cu aplicații civile dar înțeles pe deplin ca având aplicații militare pentru chinezi.

CAPF decided to use microdrones nationwide as their standard equipment.

microdrones awarded by Chinese Armed Police Forces (CAPF). They belong to the most skilled and equipped top elite units within the “Middle Kingdom”, the Chinese Armed Police Forces (CAPF). The General himself personally made the long journey to Germany to hand over the Golden Emblem of the CAPF to the engineer Udo Juerss, the CTO of the company. The head of the Chinese Armed Police Forces and his 12-member delegation of highly decorated police officers thank with the words:

“The microdrones are playing a more and more important role in our different operations, and have done a good job in aerial monitoring, reconnaissance and photographing.”

At the 1st International Roundtable Police-Workshop in April this year the CAPF had presented video-clips and speeches about their successful operations and training techniques. The focus though was on the products of microdrones, which during a long period of testing and several real operations had demonstrated their effectiveness and reliability. In surveillance missions and challenging Search & Rescue operations in remote terrain, the microdrones convinced the Chinese elite units. Therefore, the microdrones now will be used all over People’s Republic of China.
Udo Juerss can feel doubly honored. The Golden Emblem, which usually only is entitled to diplomats, was awarded for the first time to a German inventor as a sign of deep appreciation and esteem.





      Cristian Iosub