Searching plugin from WP Admin is not working anymore…

Yeah, I had this problem. First, I thought that there are some issues (3) with changes made in the last time on my server.

1. Basically, my WordPress 3.5 works great , I have no errors displayed, but when I want to search from my WP Admin panel a plugin, I don’t have results. The page is blank and looks like when I searched for something that is not existing.

Today I changed my server testing some things and I got the same problem. How is possible to get the same error on two different servers with 2 different WordPress versions (3.4.2 – yeah life sucks and WP has Romanian pack only for this version –  and 3.5 in english) ?

The answer is simple : Visual Form Builder Pro (!) and the Create User add-on. Bought both with licence. I have to mention that everything I develop is bought with licence in order to avoid stupid trolling on my blog.

I made a simple test. First of all, I deactivated all my plugins, and I started to reactivate them one by one until I got the same problem in wp-admin/plugin-install.php .

The problems with VFB have only just begun. I skipped to the next step with my issue trying to report to the developers (  but there are so many questions without answers… I said, ok…I am using file upload method in order to install fresh plugins and anyway I at the ending of the project so I will install one – two plugins only. No big deal.

2. I begun to configure Visual Form Builder, to create professional registration form and contact form. The big problem is that when I am trying to add conditions with conditional logic button from my VFB, instead of opening a dialog box with it, I getting a random article from my site. I took a look in support forum and yes, there are some big issues with the compatibility between Visual Form Builder Pro and professional WordPress themes that are using jQuery tools.

3. I am trying to use  Create User add-on. Theoretically, I should be able to register directly in my database the new users. Instead of using the classic WP User Registration, I am using Visual Form Builder Pro Create User add-on. Great video presentation, but the same rule : only in theory. Putting in practice, the add-on returns when I am submitting the form, the next error : Missing User Information . A username, password, and email are required to create a user.  No shit ? My form is made only using this fields.

Visual Form Builder Pro is perfect builder for what my client needs but with one condition : Do not configure it any more after launching live the project. After a full week  testing the plugin in all the methods possibles, this is my conclusion. The first two points, let’s say that I can live without them. But for the third, I have to modify a full night the registration forms in my native WordPress files.

Later edit. In less then 1 hour since I wrote this article, I got an email from an unknown guy that said :  “Oh, Cristian, there is a section in our (!) site called : You should had a look for it  before buying the plugin, not after . I truly believe that he was just a troller, a hatter, not a VFB guy, because his IP was from Brasil…. Or was a VFB guy who wished to remain anonymous ?

      Cristian Iosub