Windows iPad – Run Windows Apps + Flash on iPad !

How to run Windows Apps on my iPad 4?  I love ipad architecture,  I am a Microsoft Office fan boy and I can’t change it for Numbers or other apps available in AppStore. I would like to have a good tablet pc, with a extremly good sensitive display, but I hate Android interface (seems more like linux on computers), and iOS seems to be easy but takes time to understand the simplicity.

This is a frequent question, with frequent doubts. For everyone that thought at least once like in the above example, there is a solution ! It’s name is Onlive Desktop.
Access a powerful PC from Anywhere!

  • PC Microsoft® Office with 2GB cloud storage FREE (In service plans can you compare based on your necesity)
  • Full-featured document viewing and editing
  • Instant-action, media-rich Windows® cloud desktop
  • Lightning-fast Web browsing with Adobe® Flash®
  • For iPad and Android™ tablets. Coming soon to PC, Mac®, TVs


Get the free app for your tablet here:



So, basically, you have to use an Apple ID valid for United States . Download and install the application on your iPad or Droid tablet. Then, access the developer web page and sign in (on the right corner).  Then, you can use those username and password in order to sign in from your tablet at OnLive Desktop applicaion.

In this way, you’re accessing remotely a computer with windows 7 interface and 2 GB free storage. The most important thing is that you have already installed Microsoft Office applications . As you know, there is a mess also between MS Office versions. If I’ll create a document using MSO 15 (2012), will be totally wrong interpreted in terms of design by older versions (2007/2003).

Of course, Onlive Desktop offers the full access to their resources based on the chosen service plan. But it’s a good tool for those that are Windows 7 fun boys.

Another good tool, using cloud services, is EyeOS. I used it for about 4 years . Extremely quick response, Linux based applications and interface.  I would highly recommend it for those that are preferring to take the documents with them in Cloud.

      Cristian Iosub